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Cheese Slicers & Knives

We have cheese slicers suited for all cheese types.

Cheese slicers for hard cheeses must have other properties than the ones for softer cheeses. We do improvements continuously to give the slicers the best properties possible. The cheese slicers work best when the blade lies flat on the cheese, and not much pressure is applied.

Alternative applications

The cheese slicer can be used for much more than most people know, and here are a few examples:
  • Cheese slicer can be used for removing fish shells
  • Graters can be used for grating orange peel and chocolate for decorations
  • Graters can grate vegetables, such as carrots
  • Any cheese slicers can peel vegetables
  • Cheese slicers can be used for slicing vegetables, e.g. cucumbers and carrots

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